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Please provide answers to all the questions below that are applicable to your process

Application Description

Type of material: Wood, Plastic, Steel, Aluminum, Cast Aluminum, Etc.
Coating type: Powder, Solvent, Ink, Adhesive, Water
Process: Pre-heat, Soldering, Shrink Fitting, Gelling, Curing, Forming/Molding, Setting, Etc.
Application Notes:

Conveyor Information

FPM = Conveyor Speed (current speed and desired speed if different, include min & max)
Distance from top of rail to parts
Distance from top of part to bottom of part
Distance from bottom of part to floor
Current part opening or desired part opening
Conveying method: Horizontal, Vertical, Overhead, Belt, Web, Spindle, Chain on Edge or Other
Product flow: Continuous or Indexing
Size of trolley slot required (include width & height)
Part hanger spacing/parts spacing
Conveyor Notes:

Load Information

Maximum part hanger weight
Maximum and minimum part size and thickness
Maximum and minimum part weights
Lbs/hr material to be processed (maximum unless this makes up a small amount of your hourly load)
Load Notes:

Process Information

Current heating time
Desired heating time
Part entrance temperature
Desired part temperature
Operational hours per day
Operational days per year
Batch or continuous process
Process Notes:

Drying Information

Brand of coating
Type of coating
Type of solvent
% of solids to water or solvent
Final moisture desired
Thickness applied wet/dry
Dry film thickness after cure
Temperature limitations of product
Test used to determine if materials are dry or cured (only needed if we are testing your parts)
Drying Notes:

Plant Information

Voltage available for process (include voltage, phase and Hz)
Air supply available (if required)
Space available
Expected normal plant temperature (minimum & maximum)
Plant environment (clean room, dusty, dirty etc.)
Maximum amps available

Contact Information

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Company Address
Company City, State, Zip
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Company Phone
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Installation Address
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