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Our Many Heating Products

Applications within the Plastics Industry


  • Sheet feed and inline


  • Post heat
  • Dry paint / cure finishes


  • Annealing
  • Pre-heat prior to belling
  • Spot heat for cutting
  • Pre-heat prior to bending

Injection Molding

  • Pre-heat molds
  • Annealing thermoplastics parts

Injection Blow Molding

  • Annealing thermoplastics parts

Blow Molding

  • Profile ring heaters for guaging
  • Profile heating over tenter frame to orient film both axially and biaxialy

PROTHERM, LLC™ has supplied thousands of Series CB Heaters for thermoforming, in many sizes and zone configurations. Series CB Heaters have proven to have excellent life and uniformity.

For other plastics applications PROTHERM, LLC™ builds a series of ovens, with and without conveyors, utilizing PROTHERM, LLC™ Series CB and Series FS Heaters. Ovens are designed for the specific applications, ranging from simple top heat only to heater arrangement for complex shapes, including articulated side heaters.

Contact the applications specialists at PROTHERM, LLC™ for assistance. We can provide the right designs for your process application.