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Our Many Heating Products


PROTHERM, LLC™ specializes in building ovens and heater banks for laminating applications. Using simple heater arrays or conveyor ovens using our F, FS, FSA, CB and our Series 40 heaters, PROTHERM, LLC™ can complete a project from product analysis and testing, to design, to final build, and we provide installation and start-up support.

We have successfully completed projects in a variety of laminating processes that use multiple materials and adhesives. We work directly with our customers as well as systems integrators to provide you the best heating equipment for your application.

The "Heart" of our oven systems and heater arrays are the PROTHERM, LLC™ Series F, FS, FSA, CB and Series 40 which have high efficiency, long life and reasonable costs.

Contact a PROTHERM, LLC™ Applications Specialist for assistance. 1-800-793-2077 or 320-834-3370.