Series FH

PROTHERM, LLC™ Series FH Heaters are efficient, medium wavelength, electric infrared strip heaters designed for general industrial heating applications such as glue activation on laminated countertop edges. Series FH replaces the discontinued Series PH40 glassed faced strip heaters (shown in the lower photo). The series FH is designed with similar size, mounting, and power options allowing easy replacement – and the faster heat up and cool down times are a popular bonus.

  • Operates at temperatures up to 1500 f (2.6 micron-peak).
  • Designs up to 40 watts per square inch.
  • Highly efficient and effective.
  • Installed efficiencies exceeding 85% have been proven, reducing energy costs and increasing processing speeds.
  • Heats up to processing temperatures in about 25-45 seconds.
  • Resistive load can be reliably controlled.
  • Cools down to “safe” temperatures in about 30-45 seconds.
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets supplied with heater.
  • Highest quality components for long life under continuous use.
  • Completely field serviceable.
  • NOTE: We continue to offer replacement elements for repair of our discontinued Series 40 electric infrared heater. Contact us for details.

1) Standard dimensions:
Width = 3.375″
Depth = 2.75″ (+ mounting brackets)
Length = H.L. + 3.0″
Length wires = 36″ out back
2) All designs are single phase.
3) Special lengths, wattages and voltages are available within design limitations.
4) Caution: The heater cases can reach 300° F and should be protected to avoid accidental injury.

Click here to view General Instructions and Warnings on the Series FH Electric Infrared Heaters.