Infrared Heaters

The old saying “we are copied, but never duplicated” is very accurate about PROTHERM, LLC™ electric infrared heaters. That is because nobody puts as much of themselves into a heater as PROTHERM, LLC does. We assist you with electric infrared heater selection, we build with high quality materials for long-term reliability, and we stand behind our heaters around the world. PROTHERM, LLC electric infrared heaters are proven to be the highest efficiency of each style of heater available.

All PROTHERM, LLC electric infrared heaters are custom built for each application, but are available and priced as if they were stock items. Our lead time and value are top rated in the industry. PROTHERM, LLC heaters serve both end users and OEM accounts. A large percentage of our heater business is to satisfied repeat customers who value our unique capabilities. We will gladly assist you with orders of all sizes, from one piece to hundreds.


All PROTHERM, LLC heaters share some features.

  • Highly Efficient
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Very long operating life
  • Can be supplied with thermocouples
  • Completely in-plant repairable

We know that each application is important to the customer, and we dedicate our resources to providing the best heating solution for each customer.