With unique and critical processing parts with heat, we have been engineering electric infrared heating solutions for the automotive industry for nearly 40 years. Whether you are an automotive manufacturer, or a supplier to the automotive industry, we can provide a durable solution for your heating needs. Examples of automotive product categories where PROTHERM has provided an infrared heating solution: filters, glass, gaskets, headliners, cables, lighting and lenses, seats, trim, tires, brakes, rims, interfaces, and paint.

From windows and flooring to appliances and millwork, we’ve designed dependable electtric infrared oven equipment for thermally processing many different construction and building products. The variety of materials required in building offer unique heating challenges, and our offering of multiple industrial heating technologies and design expertise come together to create some unparalleled heating solutions. A few of the products we have provided a successful heating solution: siding, sheet rock, insulation, plywood, lumber, millwork, flooring, windows, doors, skylights, flashing, stair treads and banisters, erosion fabrics, decking, plumbing, lighting, and electrical wire.



Furniture, appliances, tools, packaging, food processing, textiles, fitness equipment, sporting equipment, medical supplies, personal care products, cleaning supplies are just a few of the consumer products processed using our electric infrared heaters for a reliable heating solution. Varying in size from small to large, no single heater or oven is the perfect fit for every product, however, we have the experience to utilize the right heating technology for processing to your requirements.

Parts required by the aerospace and defense industry require equipment that is reliable and will hold fast to very tight production tolerances. With stringent qualifications and exacting specifications to ensure a quality product, these parts are required to be a consistent quality off the line, because lives depend on it! Some of the various “generalized” substrates and processes PROTHERM has provided electric infrared heating solutions for are composite parts, cables, engine parts, coatings, insulation, environmental testing.



Whether you’re processing parts for carbon reduction, alternative energy like wind or wave turbines and solar panels, energy storage technologies, or more traditional oil, gas and utility products, PROTHERM can provide electric infrared heating systems to easily integrate into some of the most technical equipment in the world.

Finishing is a critical step in almost every manufactured good. Traditionally, it is one of the final steps before a piece leaves the factory and is commonly overlooked, however, is the first thing the consumer sees when they pick up the product.  Because it is so important, diverse, and widely used, finishing is not just a process but is its own industry.  Finishing can be sprayed liquids like paint or varnish, dipped coatings like E-coat, powder coating, and even thermal glossing on plastics. Our wide array of electric infrared heating technologies is the most versatile and comprehensive offering of industrial thermal processing methods in North America.



From hand-crafted to high-tech, if you are transforming raw materials into finished goods, it is likely there is an electric infrared heating process that we can help you with.  Our unique capabilities and flexible designs provide cost-saving solutions to a wide range of manufacturers around the world. Some general manufacturing processes our heaters “shine” in are laminating, thermoforming, drying, curing, annealing, pre-heating, sintering, activating and many more.

Excavation, utility, and agricultural equipment are made up of thick materials that offer unique challenges in production. We can provide high-intensity electric infrared to significantly shorten heat up times decreasing your convection oven length, or a combination of heating technologies to completely replace a convection oven saving you space, energy, and work in progress.  All while improving product quality!